Rotary District 7770 Documents

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District Policy Manual and Strategic Plan--
2013-2014 Files DG Lou Mello--
2019-2020 DG Johnny Moore--
RYLA 2019--
2018-2019 Files DG David Tirard--
PETS Training (2013)--
PETS Training (2014)--
assembly 2014--
Training Videos--
Membership Event Grant--
2016-2017 Files DG Sandee Brooks--
2014-2015 Files DG Jimmie Williamson--
Youth Exchange Info--
RYLA 2018--
DACdb - Quick Start Guide for the Database--
Clubs and Districts Liability Insurance Program 2017--
2017-2018 Files DG Gary Bradham--
Vocational Training Team info and Applicaton--
Rotary Club Central Training Documents--
Future Vision--
Foundation Support--
Foundation Info--
Foundation Grants Membership Public Image Seminar 2016--
District Assembly 2017 New Generations Presentations--
District Financial Statements--
Council on Legislation Info 2013--
2015-2016 Files DG Rod Funderburk--
District Grant Application 2019-20.docx.docx57 KB12/18/18 at 01:43 PM
District Grant MOU 2019-2020.docx27 KB12/14/18 at 08:06 AM
Rotary Club Central Worksheet.pdf2 MB12/30/17 at 08:40 AM
four way test nomination form.doc27 KB04/13/16 at 05:35 PM
Interact Club Certification Form.pdf328 KB02/26/16 at 09:10 AM
Presidential Citation 2014-15.pdf408 KB08/31/14 at 06:32 AM
Presidential Citation 2014.docx807 KB02/08/14 at 07:22 AM
Club of the Year 2013-14.docx71 KB01/22/14 at 04:19 PM
Water Flyer.pdf376 KB11/11/13 at 10:27 AM
District Grant Application - 2013 to 2014.docx35 KB11/05/13 at 05:10 PM
Membership 2013-14 presentation at foundation meeting.pptx841 KB09/16/13 at 09:50 AM
Presidential Citation 2013-14.pdf259 KB05/28/13 at 11:31 AM
Club Leadership Citation 2013-14.docx17 KB05/28/13 at 11:30 AM
Rotary Club Training Manual 2013-14.doc2 MB02/07/13 at 08:05 AM
Happy Feet Fund Rasier.doc27 KB01/25/13 at 08:17 AM
Club President Checklist 2014.pdf85 KB01/23/13 at 02:35 PM
Recommended Club By-Laws 2013.pdf32 KB01/23/13 at 02:24 PM
Membership Future Vision.ppt335 KB09/12/12 at 08:17 AM
club recruiting brochure.pdf416 KB02/06/12 at 12:38 PM
Club recruiting tri-fold.pdf46 KB02/06/12 at 12:32 PM
Club inventory.pdf207 KB01/30/12 at 09:20 AM
Club Satisfaction Survey.docx18 KB01/24/12 at 02:55 PM
Member satisfaction survey.pdf145 KB04/19/11 at 07:06 AM
Branding Rotary for Clubs.ppt7 MB03/07/11 at 01:03 PM
Club Assessment Tools.pdf1 MB02/14/11 at 05:34 PM
New Member Orientation.doc27 KB03/24/10 at 06:57 PM
Exit Interview.pdf137 KB03/24/10 at 06:56 PM
New Member Orientation Manual.pdf3 MB03/24/10 at 06:56 PM
Thirteen Year North American Membership Trend.JPG241 KB02/23/10 at 06:28 PM
Membership Retention Model.pdf66 KB02/23/10 at 06:27 PM
Star Program.doc32 KB02/23/10 at 06:25 PM
Five for One Membership.doc28 KB02/23/10 at 06:24 PM
Club Membership Committee Manual.pdf2 MB01/30/10 at 04:58 PM
Membership Development resource guide.pdf3 MB01/30/10 at 04:52 PM
How to propose a new member.pdf682 KB01/30/10 at 04:52 PM
The Membership Process.pdf26 KB01/30/10 at 04:51 PM
Partners in Membership Development.pdf549 KB01/30/10 at 04:50 PM
Rotary Basics.pdf779 KB01/30/10 at 04:50 PM